Why Did I Join Flourish?

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Goal Setting | Mark Your Mission: Why Are You Here? Discovering my why on being coming a surface pattern designer.

Why am I here? Why did you join Flourish? What is the goal that you’re reaching towards? 

Becoming a Surface Pattern Designer

I wanted to join Flourish because I want to become a surface pattern designer. I have always loved illustrating but was disheartened when people said that being an artist isn’t a sustainable career. The times when I am able to be creative, I feel that I’m being true to myself. I love seeing my designs come to life when they are used on products. I love it so much that I have to make designing and illustrating my lifestyle. 

My mother always used to say, “If you do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Now, I realized it doesn’t matter how much you love something, if you love it, it will require work. It’s more about finding the things that are worth the work it requires. 

I’m also very thankful that my parents raised me with the fountain of always do your best,  pursuit what you’re passionate about, and I’m capable of anything. I can easily see how the phrase “always do your best” could cause some people to simply not try hard enough and shrug it off with a wimpy, “Well… I tired.”

Millennials get a lot of flax for being the generation that was raised with fluffy encouragement and “you can pursuit anything if you just believe” mentality, however, I’m really grateful that this was the encouragement I had received growing up because it has encouraged me to pursue things that otherwise would be out of reach. 

Give My Art Purpose

Becoming a surface pattern designer would give me and my artwork a prominent purpose. To be able to create and have my creations admired by others so that they are willing to buy, wear, decorate with them would be satisfying. All my hours in art school and practicing would begin to pay off. 

My Goal

My goal for being a surface pattern designer is to be able to work anywhere, define my own schedule, and confidently say I am an artist. I want “creativity” to be the word that defines who I am. I hope to work with 3-5 companies to earn enough so that I can provide for my family and give back to the community and be a blessing to others. 

I’m sure there is more I could say about why I want to be a surface pattern designer. For now, that is what comes to mind. I’m thrilled to be on this journey and see where it takes me. 

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