Walking the Streets of Valencia – Day 4

Now that I had a day to settle in, I’m planning to walk around to see if I can find the school and order a coffee. Walking the streets of Valencia is fun and there are enough landmarks to find my way around without using my phone.

Walking the Streets of Valencia
Train station to the right, Bull Fighting Coliseum on the left

I woke up to a telephone ringing, a dog barking, and someone knocking on the door. Rena, the housekeeper, was trying to get in. She made me a light breakfast of toast and coffee. I was able to talk to another guess who Sabina is also hosting, She can speak a little bit of English, so between the both of us we spoke, Span-lish.

Walking the Streets of Valencia

After breakfast, I grabbed my computer and headed out to see if I could track down the school I will be attending. Even though I already had a coffee, I really wanted to try to order one in Spanish.

Thankfully, Sabine’s directions were very good. (Straight, straight, straight!) Haha. It’s about 20 minutes from the house in the center of town. I have a video that kind shows my walk in less than 2 minutes.

After I found the school and felt very accomplished πŸ‘πŸΌI stopped at a cafΓ© called La Rollieri. I did well ordering, however, I didn’t understand when he says, “for here or to go.” I think it was because he said it so fast, but I said “aqui” and I had a seat outside. Here I would pay once I was ready to leave. I thought that was odd because I could have left.

Walking the Streets of Valencia

The connection to WiFi wasn’t good. I think that is because I was outside. However, I was approved by 5-6 beggers. Sitting with a Macbook Pro is a bit welcoming I guess. Next time, I’ll sit inside if I’m going to work.

After getting asked again for money, I packed up and headed back to the house. I worked for several hours trying to catch up on projects.

Afternoon Walk

About 3:30, I went for a walk. I headed to the park and found a nice bend to sit and work on pattern designs while I listened to people walk by. I was surprised by how much German I heard.

Two people stopped and asked what I was drawing. I thought that was nice. One of them could speak English and the other had two little girls who were very cute.

A playground of Goliath?

I reached a good stopping point and decided to head back. I didn’t have a WiFi or cellular connection, but I figured I could wing it.

Well, I wong it. I totally headed the wrong way, but it was familiar enough from my walk to the school early that I figured it out. I was ready to ask for directions though. πŸ˜…Walking the streets of Valencia is good as long as I stay aware of my surroundings.

Once I was back I continued working until Sabina called me. Dinner was a rice soup, salad, and a hamburger. The children and Sabina didn’t eat with us, I don’t know when they eat.

Afterward, I tried talking with everyone and play with the kids. I’m super lost. I only catch a word here and there.

I said good-night at 10:30, and after getting ready for bed it’s 11:30 now. Sabina and the children are in the living room watching cartoons.

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