Top 5 Podcast To Listen to At Work

Top 5 Podcast To Listen to At Work
While sitting at work, I listen to several podcasts. Here are my personal favorite top 5 podcast to listen to at work.
Each of these offers excellent food for thought and help pass the time while working on routine tasks.

How I Build This

This show interviews people who built their business to the empire. It’s encouraging to be because most people didn’t know how to start, but they had the passion for making progress.

Passive Income for Designers

Generating passive income is my dream. I am working hard to understand what tools I can create to help serve other creatives. To be able to make something once, a resell it again 1000 times over, would be incredibly inspiring and finically helpful. I doubt that anyone (designer or not) would disagree.

Honest Designers

This podcast goes hand in hand with Passive Income for Designers. This podcast is different because you listen to a panel of designers to learn from their experiences, advice, and options to contribute to making your own decisions. It’s a fun bunch and very motivating and educational.

Coffee Break – “German.”

If you are interested in learning a language, this podcast gives you the grammar, practice and cultural background. There are several other languages to learn as well. The radio host are fun and pleasant to listen too, unlike the “say and repeat” audio recordings.

The Moth

The Moth is strictly story tellings. I learn what other situations were like to other people of different walks of life. Some stories are odd while others are funny. So, I ever know what I’m going to get.

Rick Steve’s

I long to see the busy streets and the lazy afternoons of Europe. Rick Steve’s helps me understand what other cultures are like while explaining interesting historical details. He is really passionate about teaching people the “art of traveling” and I even though I’m sitting in a cubical, I feel like I am dancing a long the European cities.
What are some of your favorite podcast? If you listen to any of these, I would love to know what you think about them. If you haven’t heard of these before, check them out and let me know what you think!
Happy Listening & Creating!

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