Top 10 Hand Lettering Artist to Follow on Instagram

Top 10 Hand Lettering Artist

There are many talented hand lettering artist found all over Instagram. Today I am only going to share my Top 10 Hand Lettering Artist. Every day I discover more talent. It would be easy to create a list of my top 100 favorite artists. But for now here are my personal favs. If you have a favorite artist, tell us on my Hand Lettering & Art Facebook Group page.

Mary Kate McDevitt

I love Mary Kate for her vibrant colors and busy illustrations.
IG: marykateMcDevitt

Stefan Kunz

I admire how Stefan uses his talents to praise God.
IG: StefanKunz

Amanda Arneill

Amanda has consistency grace in all her scripts.
IG: amandaarneill

Dawn Nicole

Dawn blog is like the Hand Lettering Blogging capital of the internet. She has taught me how to hand letter from her practice sheets and video tutorials. She has inspired me to create my hand lettering and art blog.
IG: bydawnnicole

Chrystal Elizabeth

A wielder of the watercolor color brush is Chrystal. Her lovely designs are for sale on Esty. (So, go check them out!)
IG: Chrystalizabeth

Asia Jenson

A skilled watercolor hand lettering artist, no doubt! Asia’s designs look stunning in any home or office.
IG: asiabasiajensen
Esty Shop

Liz Holdsworth

Currently Living in Ireland, Liz letters with watercolor, pens, and even gold foil!
IG: betsysueletters

Hom Sweet Hom

Discovering Lauren Hom has been like finding a treasure. Her bold designs play across several mediums such as ink, chalk, vectors and even icing.
IG: homsweethom

Ian Barnard

I discovered Ian while listening to the Honest Designer Podcast, another one of my favs. I came across Ian again while searching for serif practice sheets.
IG: ianbarnard

Sarah Smith-Conlan

Sarah always have fun gift tags, stickers and stationary! I suggest checking out her etsy shop for inspiration and to add some flair to your greeting cards.

IG: stitches_n_swirls

Who are your Top 10 Hand Lettering Artist?

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