Succulent Coloring Page

Let’s coloring our way to spring! I posted my Succulent coloring page on my Instagram, so if you’re not already following me there, pop on over. There you can vote for your favorite designs as I roll them out.

Succulent Coloring Page

I’m proud to say it. I’m a crazy plant lady. I would definitely invest in more pots, succulents, tropical plants and wall hanging pots if I wasn’t moving in the next few months. I love that proud feeling I get when a new leave begins to emerge because I have been able to keep the plant alive. 😊

Right now, I have a lot of succulents. They are SO easy to care for as they don’t need much attention at all. I LOVE starting new plants because it’s so easy and fun to see new succulent sprouting from an old leaf.

What I appreciate most is their resilience. They are determined to grow even when they are not in their climate, in their preferred soil, and maybe doesn’t receive enough sunshine. I try to apply that to myself. I hate living in such a cold gloomy climate, but I’ll try to bloom where I’m planted.

If you would like to receive a free sticker, please submit my coloring page before May 1st, 2020. Submit it by posting it on Instagram (Instagram stories count too) and tag me. I’ll reach out to you to send you your free sticker. 😊

Succulent Coloring Page

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