Should you be a Graphic Designer? Quiz

Should you be a graphic designer? FREE quiz

Should you be a Graphic Designer?

Should you be a Graphic Designer? Being a graphic designer is so much more than “making art on the computer.” It requires an eye for design, people skills, and a high dose of motivation. Take this quiz to see if graphic design is the right career for you!

Done with the quiz? Great! So, now what?

Well, my friend, here are the options!

1 – Check Out My Resource Page!

Through years of experience, I have collected a library of recourses that I love to use, and use often! No matter what type of graphic designer you are, my Designer’s Resources page can help you find links to great web hosting, podcast, ways to grow your email list, and artists. It’s a page that can easily have you opening too many tabs in your browser! 😉

2 – What Type of Graphic Designer are you?

Now you know you want to do graphic design, but you’re still not sure WHAT you want to do with graphic design. Unlike being a professional goft ball diver… with graphic designer you have an overwhelming amount of options. Such as, *Ahem* web, magazine, t-shirt, marketing, email, illustration, publication, motion, multimedia, logo, photo editing, branding, layout, and surface pattern design. *Inhale* Clearly figuring out which field is right for you can be overwhelming. But don’t worry!

You can learn what type of graphic design is right for you through Skillshare! Skillshare allows you to take hundreds of courses about different creative fields. Take a class on web design, illustration, or surface pattern design. Once you learn new skills from the talented professionals you can decide on what you want to focus on. And it’s a WHOLE LOT cheaper than college! 

3 – Not getting signs that you are a graphic designer?

If you’re not getting pumped when you see creative market freebies, beautiful branding, and amazing website design, that’s ok! You can still enjoy doing design without making it your day job. 🙂 If that’s the case, surround yourself with an inspirational design.

Start Taking Graphic Design Class

Free Online Classes | Skillshare

What were your quiz results?

I’d love to know what you got on this quiz! Share your results on Twitter and tag me at @crystalwhitlow. You can also shoot me an email or drop a comment below! ^_^

Happy designing!

xo, Crystal. Crystal's signature using a brush font, because she knows better then to use her real signature on the internet.

Should you be a graphic designer?

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