Joylyn Floral Surface Pattern Collection

pink floral pattern

Joylyn Floral Surface Pattern Collection

This pattern collection bloomed from a beautiful friendship.

While living in Kansas City I befriended a wonderfully supportive woman named Joylyn.

As a person, Joylyn radiates sunshine and is an encouragement to me in pursuing my creative goals. This collection bloomed when Joylyn told me about a competition hosted by Panera Bread to design their next gift card. After completing the designs for the gift cards, the designs were ready to blossom into a surface pattern collection. Creating this collection has played a key role in discovering my signature style.

Joylyn Floral Surface Pattern Collection

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 Joylyn Floral Surface Pattern Collection design by Crystal Whitlow, pink, floral and fun navy blue with yellow and pink stripes pillow case. Joylyn Floral Surface Pattern double sided wrapping paper with two patterns. Joylyn Floral Surface Pattern Collection

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