Daphney Floral Surface Pattern Design

green and pink floral collection

I’m finally back with another blog post with my latest surface pattern design collection! I’m calling this collection of florals and geometric shapes, Daphney. Originally, this design was inspired by the Spoonflower Design Challenge, Limited Color Palette, which was hosted in July 2019. The first design within this collection was the lovely busy floral, which is the hero of this pattern collection. As I was adding detail to the design I stepped out of the color restrictions. So, I entered in the kinda crazy dashes, xoxo, and blobby pattern instead. I got 36 favorites for it much to my surprise. Looking at it now, I wish I had made the blob parts more circle-ish then peanut-shaped. That’s the life of an artist, design, critique, then design better.

The original color restrictions where Bronze (#a67242), RosΓ© (#ffc8b3), Forest (#1b463c), Spearmint (#75c2b0).

I believe this color palette is beautiful, but something crazy happened when I began working with these colors. They just lost their charm. At least that happened to me. They felt really clashy after trying to make a simply floral designs with them. However, it was incredibly fun to see how other designers handled these colors once the voting opened for the challenge.


I definitely learned a lot from this project. I learned that after creating my hero pattern:

  • Try to stick with colors that are from that pattern so that they look like they belong together.
  • Try to make simplified versions of the design. (If it’s as complex as this.)
  • The geometric patterns would have been stronger is floral elements were mixed in.
  • I totally didn’t think of adding a stripe pattern until I got a critique from a Facebook Group.
  • Avoiding a white background color is hard to do, and I should probably establish that first.
  • It takes a really love time to create a pattern collection, AND upload it to Spoonflower, AND Creative Market, AND create greeting cards for my Etsy shop AND upload it to Society 6. πŸ˜› I need more time or more help. I can’t publish as fast as I want to design new things. Can anyone else agree?

I’m sure I’ve learned much more than that, but that’s what comes to my head right now.

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