Pizza Party Invitation Printable – Design Process

Pizza Party Invitations

Hey! Quick tutorial for today on how I made this Pizza Party Invitation

My birthday was on January 16th, and I was thinking about having a pizza party where everyone brings their favorite pizza. That way everyone is satisfied and the party is more like a Pot-Luck, which is a meal that everyone contributes too. 

Getting Started

I didn’t plan ahead very well, so I didn’t have a “Bring Your Own Pizza” party, but I hope to use this design for another event in the future. 

Pizza Party Invitation - Design Process - making margins

First, I had to create the margins. Otherwise, I’m all over the page and run out of room on the paper. Oh, and this is on Canson Watercolor Paper. 

Pizza Party Invitation - Design Process - sketched design

Then I did a few sketches on how I wanted the design to look. (I drew it on scrap paper, sorry you can see through it.) Above is the composition the I decide to use. 

Pizza Party Invitation - Design Process - using tracing paper to transfer design to watercolor paper

Using tracing paper and a graphite crayon, I began to trace the hand so I could transfer it to the watercolor paper. 

Pizza Party Invitation - Design Process - Pizza Party Invitation - Design Process - hand drawn

I’m kind of terrible at tracing, but that’s the illustration on the transparent paper.

Pizza Party Invitation - Design Process - transfer drawing

I flipped the design to the other side and traced it again. This way the hand wouldn’t be mirrored when I traced it on the watercolor paper. (Sorry, that might sound more confusing than it really is.)

Pizza Party Invitation - Design Process - design transferred

Then I used a mint green sharpie marker to go over the design. This process will leave the graphite on the watercolor paper. It’s good enough to see, but not too dark that would cause it to smudge when I watercolor over it.


Hand Lettering

Pizza Party Invitation - Design Process - final sketch

Now for the hand lettering part! I’m trying to progress with my brush lettering skills so that I don’t have to do cheater calligraphy as much. Brush lettering is faster, and a bit more satisfying. 


Pizza Party Invitation - watercolored and scanned

This is the result after I watercolored and scanned the design. Should have painted more about the margins, just so the letters were not so close to the edge. I also forgot to trace over the hand again and add “Fresh Homemade Pizza” on the side. So, I’ll add those details in photoshop. I get so excited I forget some steps sometimes.

Photoshop Touch Ups

Pizza Party Invitation - Finial Design

This is how it looks in after photoshop. I touched up any hick-ups and cropped out the lines. 

I invite you to use this design for your own pizza party!

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Let them eat PIZZA!

Pizza Party Invitation Download


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