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Using Pinterest to Optimize Your Handmade Business

When you’re looking for ways to give your handmade product business a boost, there’s no better way to start than by using Pinterest to optimize your handmade business. Pinterest is well-known as a mecca for people with a love of crafts and plenty of creativity. It’s a very similar crowd to those drawn in by Etsy, farmer’s markets, and flea markets. If you’re trying to get a handmade business off the ground, you want to go where the customers are, and you should start with the social media platform that do-it-yourself enthusiasts flock to.

There are plenty of ways to use Pinterest to optimize your business, but these are a few of the best ways you can incorporate it into your marketing strategy.

Hyperfocus on Your Target Audience

Pinterest is the internet version of Better Homes and Garden, the Food Network, and a catalog from Michael’s. It’s a great way to get in front of the people who are looking for solutions or inspiration. According to Pinterest, 90% of weekly Pinners make purchase decisions on Pinterest, which means you’ll be in front of them first. Pinterest for Business helps people who are operating handmade businesses find their niche, as well as give them the extra boost of the Pinterest name on those Google searches

Use Visuals to Boost Your Product Appeal

Pinterest, like Instagram, is a visually based platform. When you post images of your product, give a potential customer a much better idea of what they’re going to get. You can also give them decor ideas, feature other products, or even collaborate with other business owners! Your customers know what they’re getting on Pinterest, and you can provide that expected experience by publishing beautiful images of your products online. 

Disperse Content That Meets the Searcher’s Needs

People go onto Pinterest for all sorts of reasons. Ideas for gifts, recipes, and DIY projects are all common searches on Pinterest. If you’re creating something from scratch, you can post related instructions or suggestions for how to create something similar. It might seem counterintuitive, but more people search for “how to create [fill in the blank]” then realize it’s too much effort than you might think. By providing instructions, you’re giving the searcher what they want while simultaneously showing them a much easier way of getting the job done- buying it from you!

Using Pinterest to optimize your handmade business is the perfect way to give your business a boost and the best part is, the platform has already done a lot of the work for you! Google is a search engine for everything. Pinterest is a more focused search engine. It’s designed for people whose ideal weekend includes stopping at a farmer’s market for fresh ingredients, trying a new recipe, and serving it on a picnic table they recently re-painted, complete with DIY flower arrangements as the centerpiece. These are your people! So by all means, use this social media platform as a way to find them.

Using Pinterest to Optimize Your Handmade Business

  • Hyperfocus on Your Target Audience
  • Use Visuals to Boost Your Product Appeal
  • Disperse Content That Meets the Searcher’s Needs

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