Pink Feather Surface Pattern Collection – Floating Paloma

pink feather pattern design collection

Ready or not, we I come 2019! Where am I going? I’ll tell you… Towards a successful career where I establish myself as a surface pattern designer. I’m excited to release my first surface pattern collection for 2019 – Floating Paloma.

I created feather illustrations that are colored in airy hues of pinks and oranges to give a feminine appeal. I imagined that this design would be fun for a delightful little girl’s bedroom, nursery, play room, or accents in a woman’s office.

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I don’t design for trends. As trends go in and out of style I don’t want my designs to be echoing pop culture, but rather reflections of things I enjoy.

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I wanted to do a feather collection because I like the idea that feathers are light as dandelion seeds drifting off in the breeze, but yet strong enough to carry a bird for miles.

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Why Feathers?

I feel like a feather represents women in modern culture. The United State’s culture suggests that women are to look pretty, and also be strong and hard working. Women are expected to manage healthy well-balanced bodies, work corporate jobs while raising children. We are busy, we are focused, we are productive, we get things done, and meanwhile we look great doing it!

As light as feather and just as strong. 😀

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I like to name my collections with an actually name. I choose to name this collection Floating Paloma because it captures the airiness of feathers, while tying in the strength and grace of women.

The name Paloma is Spanish for Dove. Thank you

Use this design for your branding!

I would love to hear from you! Let me know what you think of my Pink Feather Collection, Floating Paloma by dropping a comment below.

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