Lounge Skirt Tutorial with Photos

Lounge Skirt Tutorial with Photos

This post is extra special because it’s the first time I have partnered with a blogger to create a tutorial with my surface pattern designs! I am delighted to introduce you to Mary, from Sew Much Love, and present this adorable lounge skirt tutorial with photos.

Mary is an expert seamstress, check out her feed, it’s gorgeous! Mary wrote this tutorial for us today, so let’s get started!

You can purchase this fabric on Spoonflower and follow along to make a lounge skirt.

Daphney's Peaches and Cream
Daphney’s Peaches and Cream

Lounge Skirt Tutorial with Photos

I was so excited when I received this pretty fabric! 

Pretty pink floral fabric on a soft fluffy carpet with little LED lights layed across it for the Lounge Skirt Tutorial with Photos blog post image

I knew a lounge skirt would be the perfect garment to sew, especially now that I’m home almost all the time, I still want to look cute at home. (Even if all I do is sew face masks!) The best part is this skirt can totally be worn out too. There are many variations that can be done with this skirt such as, a yoga waistband or side seam pockets. I decided to go for a faux drawstring elastic waistband and patch pockets. 

It is an easy sew, which makes it perfect for an afternoon project. There are only a few pattern pieces, which can easily be cut from an existing skirt and your own waist measurement.

Lounge Skirt Tutorial with Photos

Here is what you’ll need:

  •  1 yard of knit fabric
  •  ½ elastic
  •  A knit/stretchy pencil skirt from your closet
  • I am using a serger, but you can use a sewing machine as well. Just make sure to use a stretch stitch.


  1. Take a knit/stretchy pencil skirt and fold it in half. Next, lay in on your fabric, which should also be folded in half.

2. Fold the waistband of your existing skirt down.

3. Since this is a relaxed fit lounge skirt, add some width to the side of your pencil skirt and draw a curved hem, as shown below.  After that, cut your new skirt piece and do this again, so you have two skirt pieces.

I didn’t use specific measurements, just some eyeballing. 🙂

The Patch Pockets

4. Now we are going to create the patch pockets. Below are the measurements I used. Feel free to make your pocket bigger or smaller as you see fit. That’s the beauty of sewing. You get to personalize every detail!

Cut two.

5. Serge around the edges of the pocket shown below. Now, press under those same edges.

6. Now, sew the pockets to the skirt piece.

7. Sew a basting stitch on the top and side.

8. We are going to hem the skirt pieces now. Hemming a curved seam can be a little tricky. My personal trick is to increase the differential feed, which is the knob circled below. I increase to the line between 1.0 and 2.0. This can change depending on the fabric I am using. If you don’t have a serger, you can sew a long basting stitch and slightly gather the hem to make it easier to sew.

In this photo, you can’t really tell, but the fabric is slightly gathered to where it is easier to fold over and hem. 

This is picture is how it looks like all hemmed. I like to use a double needle because I like the finished look of it.

9. Next, put your skirt pieces together and sew down the side seams.

lining up the sides to sew together

This is optional, but I like to sew a little stitch where the seams meet.

(With the seam facing the back of the skirt)

The Wasitband

10. Cut out your waistband and sew the short side closed. 

The waistband will be 4″ x the measurement of your skirt waist. (Not your waist measurement, we are going to gather it to fit your waistband later)

measuring fabric

11. Cut out three pieces of 1/2″ elastic. The length will be: your waist measurement – 2 or 3″. 

For example, my waist measurement is 28″ and I took off 2 1/2″ off for the elastic. You can subtract more or less, depending on how tight or loose you want your elastic to fit. You can also take the elastic and fit it around your waist to see what works for you. 

measure and cut your elastic

12. Turn your waistband right side out, as shown, and sew 1/2″ all around, from the folded edge.

Leave a small 1″ – 2″ opening. 

13. Pin a safety pin to the elastic and put in through the opening. 

14. Pull the safety pin through the seam. When you get the elastic out through the opening, sew it closed.

15. Sew the opening closed with a straight stitch.

16. Next, sew a straight line all around, 1/2″ from the previous straight line. What I do is I line up the folded edge to the 1″ line on my sewing machine.

Leave a 1″- 2″ opening.

gathering the fabric to make an elastic waist band

Gathering the Waistband

17. Now, repeat steps 13 – 15  to insert elastic.

Gathering the waist band on a jogger skirt

18. Mark the center back of your skirt.

Getting ready to attach the waist band

19. Line up the back seam of your waistband to the mark on the center back of your skirt. Pin and sew all around, leaving a 1″ – 2″ opening. 

pinning the comfy skirt
pinning the comfy skirt

20. Repeat steps 13 – 15 again to finish off the waistband. 

using a safety pin to help guide the elastic through the waist band
pulling the elastic through your skirt band
putting in the elastic in your skirt
Pinning your jogger skirt

The last step is to sew on your faux drawstring! If you wish to skip this step, then you are done. 😃

Add the Draw String

1. Cut out a strip of fabric 1 1/2″ x 30″ (make it shorter or longer, according to your preference. I prefer to cut longer and then cut shorter later)

2. Sew the strip right sides together to make one long tube.

3. Take a safety pin and pin at the top of the tube.

4. Turn pin inside the tube.

5. Pull pin through the tube.

6. Keep pulling until the tub is inside out.

How to make a draw string for your pants.

Congrats! Your new skirt is done. 😄

Lounge Skirt Tutorial with Photos

How does it look?

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