Learn How to Start Your Own Online Shop

If you are a designer, illustrator or creative with entrepreneurial goals this article will guide you through the necessary steps to Learn How to Start Your Own Online Shop the most efficient way possible.

 Learn How to Start Your Own Online Shop

Are you looking for a way to apply your entrepreneurial ambitions and your creative skills to develop a lifestyle you have always wanted? Are you currently working full time on a tight budget?However, if you don’t start your own hustle or business soon you may have a mental break down?

That’s how I feel working for a big company doing work I honestly don’t want to do. To fulfill my creativity and career goals I decided to take action to begin pursuing a lifestyle that would both financially support my family and my desire to design. I am happy to tell you that this is not a mega complex progress and you can easily learn how to start your own online shop while working full time until you get more finically settled.

Keep in mind, the goal is to make passive income, but while starting out it’s anything BUT passive. You will need to study up on marketing as well as good design skills, but I have a feeling that you have a strong determination that will make you successful. So, let’s get started.</p

Sell Your Designs with Printful

I started a shop in less than 8 hours and you can too! I partner with Printful to create my designs into physical products and I use Etsy as an online marketplace to get exposure to sell my designs. You can browse my products through my website or my Etsy shop.

Learn more about Printful.com

Printful prints your custom designs on a verity of items like shirts, bags, phone cases, socks, leggings and a bunch more. I use Printful because it syncs with WooCommerse (my shop WordPress plugin), Etsy, as well as Shopify, Amazon and more.

When someone purchases an item, that order goes directly to Printful. They receive the order, and begin to print, (cut and sew if need be) and ship! This way I can focus on what I enjoy most, design and marketing. Granted, that is still a TON of work, but it’s awesome because I don’t have to worry about buying inventory. I can order discounted samples at 20% off with free shipping. I use my samples to take pictures and give to bloggers/ influencers for marketing.

Paying Printful

As soon as Printful receives an order, you will have to pay their fee before they begin processing the order. This means you will have to wait for the customer’s transaction to get to your bank account, which can take up to 24 hours or more. To move the order along faster, you could pay Printful from your own budget first, then keep the total payment from your customer when it arrives.

Printful’s prices are high, in my option. Therefore, you will have to charge more for your items which can cause you to lose customers who are looking for cheaper products. The best way to sell your products is to market your product’s quality, originality and that it’s made in the USA.

Printful can connect to your PayPal account for easy transactions. I set up a Spark Business account, then connected that to my Paypal Account. Printful has their own money account called the “Printful Wallet.” You can transfer money to your wallet for ordering samples or keep money there when you get refunds for whatever reason.

Other than paying for the product in the orders, there are no other fees that Printful requires. Yay!

Once you get used to Printful‘s money organization process, it’s pretty simple. I just have to reserve funds for incoming orders. That’s helpful!

If you feel that Printful would be a good fit for you, and you would like to set up an account with Printful, please use my link, Create an Account with Printful Now. When you use my link I will get a referral bonus which helps support my blog/website. This helps me so that I can continue to post more helpful content like this. So, pretty please with sugar on top, use my referral link.

Start Your Own Etsy Shop

start your own etsy shop

I decided that I wanted to sell on Etsy because my website wasn’t getting the traffic to make sales. Etsy has something like 7 million active shoppers and it’s profit rankings are tremendous. People expect items to be made by hand, and Printful does qualify to be “handmade” since products are printed, cut and hand sewn in the US, fairtrade and no sweatshops. Handmade items are expected to cost more, so Etsy shoppers are usually willing to pay a little more for handmade items.

There are fees with Etsy, it’s .20 cents to add an item to your shop and 3.25% taken from each item sold. I know that sounds like a bummer, but there are fees on all e-commerce platforms, no matter where you sell. It’s really not that bad. You’ll need to factor in the fees when pricing your items.

Oh! Etsy has AWESOME traffic statics! I can see exactly how people found my shop, whether it’s from Google, Pinterest, Facebook or Etsy’s search engine. This is helpful because then I know where to focus my advertising.

If you decide to step up an Etsy shop, please use my link: http://etsy.me/2yz84li  when you do, we BOTH get 40 FREE listings which can save both of us $8.00… and when you’re just starting out $8 is equal to an amazing burrito at Chiplote! So, please spare me a burrito and use my link: http://etsy.me/2yz84li.

If you don’t have your own website, Etsy is a great because you don’t have to worry about paying for a domain name, hosting and all the other requirements that come with a website. If you are interested in getting a website, check out my blog post Resource for a Successful Website.

Other E-commerce Platforms

If Etsy isn’t your style, Printful has other e-commerce platforms that it works with to help you sell your products wherever you’re targeting audience is hanging out. Here is a comparison chart that you can use to gauge which website would be ideal for you.

ecommerce comparison chart

Let’s Get Down to Business!

Once you have a Printful, Etsy (or another E-commerce platform), Paypal account and a few super-totally-awesome designs you are ready to get started! Whoo-hoo!

Start a Printful Shop Now

Find More Great Information on the Printful Blog

Vist CW Design on Etsy

Learn How to Start Your Own Online Shop Learn How to Start Your Own Online Shop Learn How to Start Your Own Online Shop Learn How to Start Your Own Online Shop L earn How to Start Your Own Online Shop

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