Layover in Zurich, Switzerland – Day 2

Crystal is Switzerland

After a very long flight with very little sleep, I have arrived in Switzerland. I have 22 hours until my flight leaves for Valencia. So, I’m going to explore the streets and cafés of Switzerland.

It is the most perfect day! The weather is perfect, and lots of people are out and about. Bikes are everywhere and the streets are VERY walking and biking friendly.

I think it’s pretty neat hearing and seeing German everywhere. This is the first time I have been in this environment. I was studying German on Duolingo before switching to Spanish, so I’m trying to recall things I know. However, when the opportunity comes, I forget to say the words I know in German. 🤷🏻‍♀️Oh well, I’ll get there. 🙂

Church clock tower in Zurich Switzerland

So, I need to work, but I also want to keep walking around. I was trying to see if there is a set time when the trains stop running so then I’ll know when I need to get back to the airport. Otherwise, I’m sleeping on the streets tonight. 😛

brunette walking around Switzerland #tourist

I felt stupid when I was ordering a salad from this lovely café, Zum Walter. The cashier asked me what dressing I wanted, and I had no idea what she was saying because she was speaking German. So, I asked if she speaks English, and she said yes. But I hope I didn’t often her.

people cleaning the river that runs through Switzerland
People cleaning the river.

The jetlag is rough. I know that I need to eat healthily, but I think I’ll need another coffee. Though, I haven’t had one yet today. So, I’ll probably get a headache soon.

River flowing to the lake in Zurich, Swiss.

I walked a ton! I was so tired, hungry, and in a desperate need of a shower. I couldn’t make up my mind about where to eat, and after looking at the prices, I didn’t want to spend so much so early in my trip. I ended up going to a little store and got some crackers and mixed nuts.

A happy girl in Switzerland

Then I headed for the lake. It was very beautiful and it was a gorgeous day. Lots of people were riding bikes, walking with pets, friends, and family, a few were jogging. I was really impressed by how beautiful the people are. Almost all the people were slender. Not like strong, but not close to overweight either.

Stores, apartments, houses, streets and restaurants in  Zurich.
Zurich tour boats

Tour boat! 😀 The water is really clear!

Champion 100 years in Switzerland

Yeah man! Celebrating Champion’s 100th birthday in Switzerland!

Zurich Film Festival

I forgot that the Film Festival is coming. Is anyone going? (The flags are advertising the Film Festival.)

Swans in Zurich

There were a lot of swans! Ducks too, but these elegant beauties could be found all along the water.

Crystal Whitlow in Switzerland

The Swiss Alps are behind me in this picture. There was a nice tour boat launch and other desks that tourist could walk out on. After I took this picture I fell asleep in the park for about an hour. Then I headed back to the train station (after giving up on finding a free bathroom), got the airport, through security, and sleep at the airport.

Yeah, I can now check off “sleeping at the airport.” I totally felt odd as I curled myself across chairs. No one was around! I thought at any moment I would get kicked out. A gate down there was another guy who was sleeping too. Of course, there is no way to get comfortable, so I woke up often. Magically, at 5:00 am people started pouring in. I cannot wait to get settled.

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