iPad Pro Accessories for Creative Female Entrepreneurs


As soon as I saw the power behind an iPad Pro, I knew I wanted to get one along with a few iPad Pro accessories for my creative¬†business. I knew these investments would step up my graphic design career. It’s a hardy investment, but after saving up for a few weeks, it has been well worth it. ūüôā If you are thinking about getting, or already have an iPad Pro, this blog post will help you decide on which iPad Pro accessories for creative female entrepreneurs will benefit your workflow.

iPad Pro Accessories for Creative Female Entrepreneurs

1. Apple Pencil 

This is old news. Everyone is talking about the Apple Pencil. For me it wasn’t even a question, I was going to get it at the same time I bought my iPad. Therefore, I haven’t tried any others, but at this point, I don’t know what I would bother. Though, those fancy brush stylus¬†look interesting by Nomad Brush.

apple pencil

By Nomad Brush. Something fun to try in the future.Nomad Brush Paint Brush Stylus, Drawing Stylus & Artist Stylus

2. Valkit Cover with Apple Pencil Holder

I hunted all of Esty and Amazon before I settled on a case. I didn’t want a case that was obnoxiously colored, and I wanted the case to have a stand and hold my Apple Pencil. I’m very satisfied¬†with the case. Granted, I haven’t dropped my iPad pro (knock on wood), but this case gets the job done without being heavy or bulky.

Apple iPad Pro case for 12.9in

3. Mosiso Laptop Tote Bag

I knew that I wanted to get a new bag for my iPad Pro because the whole point is to design on the go. This bag warms my¬†heart with its lovely floral pattern, but it also has room for my iPad, books, supplies, phone and more. ūüôā It comes in two sizes 15″w or 17″ wide. I bought the 15″w, and it’s perfect. The only thing is that the zipper is for the 17″w bag. :/ Oops.

beautiful bag for Ipad pro4. Ipad Stand

This iPad Pro accessory is the newest accessory to my collection. Because I’m trying to record more videos for my Vlog and Youtube channel, it’s hard to get my¬†iPad at the right level for recording. My phone doesn’t have as good as a camera, and I don’t feel like breaking out my DSLR for a quick video. I believe I will find this iPad stand to be extremely useful in the kitchen when I’m trying new recipes from Pinterest. I’m currently in love with the Sweet As Honey blog.

Ipad Stand - Adjustable Tablet Holder for 6 to 13 inch Tablets and Phones for the Table, Desk, Kitchen, Office - by Bontend

5. A Keyboard

Yes, if you never need to type there is a “keyboard” on the screen just like any phone, however, if you plan on doing a lot of writing, the screen keyboard isn’t ideal. Right now I’m currently borrowing¬†my husband’s keyboard from Zagg, but eventually, I would like to get my own that doesn’t have key missing and is a little bit wider. ūüėČ

Slim External Wireless Bluetooth-Keyboard

6. Tripod Base iPad Stand

While I was hunting for an iPad stand, I found this Tripod¬†Stand which looked super helpful for recording Youtube videos. Surely, I’m not the only one who has issues trying to get my¬†iPad to record at the right height, angle, and with my desk behind me. I had to hold off for now, but it’s on my¬†Amazon Wish List!

Universal Tablet Tripod Base ViewStand for 9.7" and 12.9" IPad Pro

7. Canvas Pro Smart Desk

Who doesn’t like working from bed? I love being able to read, draw, or make notes for the week from my bed or even my couch. Another item I’ve added to my Wish List is this lap desk specially designed for the iPad Pro. The design looks lovely! I feel like it was made for designers because it can hold your phone and charge at the same time! ūüôā

Canvas Pro Smart Desk



8. USB Typewriter Converter Keyboard

Now, if you are REALLY feeling fancy, you can be the next cool kid on the block with your Typewriter that will work on your iPad Pro! LOL Hats off to the person who created this! 1305 Sales have been made so far!

USB Typewriter Computer Keyboard


If you haven’t already been inspired to get an iPad Pro I hope some of the fun accessories will! Let me know which project seems the most essential to you!

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