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Using Pinterest, Instagram, Creative Market and Dribbble you can find inspirational artwork to get your creative juices pumping! I love when Instagram gives me follow suggestions of more illustrators and pattern designers. It can lead me down a rabbit hole of, “LOVE IT!!!”, “SO CUTE!”, “Aw, this is great!” Follow, follow, follow! Within my social media and Creative Market searching, I have found and followed several Inspirational Pattern Designers that I neeeeeeeed to tell you about!

Inspirational Pattern Designers

Angie Makes

Looking for some watercolor magic? Angie delivers exceptional watercolor floral patterns! In her “Pattern Pretty Bundle,” she has the Kate Spade look as the colors are luring and the designs are elegant. Angie’s talent doesn’t stop there! She is also typographer and WordPress theme developer! You can visit her shop on Creative Market to check out her lovely fonts and patterns as well as visit her website to find beautiful feminine WordPress themes.

Angie Makes Watercolor Pattern


Denise Anne

Denise is a pattern designer who captures color schemes like Adobe Kuler! I love Denise elegant floral designs, as well as her blog as she shares how to start developing patterns with a concept workbook. You can also download free wallpapers for cell phones and desktops as well as other goodies.

 Julia Dreams

Julia’s work is inspirational to me because she has a range of different products that all incorporate her own style. I am a fan of her cute illustrationselegant textures, and iconic patterns. I find her Creative Market shop really encouraging as I aspire to create my own shop with cute illustrations, patterns, and social media recourses.


Laura’s Wonderland

If you’re looking for patterns with a touch of sparkle and elegance, Laura’s designs capture the modern craze. I love how her products have a consistent color scheme, which is perfect for female entrepreneurs looking for consistent branding. You’ll realize that Luara offers a great deal of value in her projects as her bundles come in packs of 70-100 different images and files! Have fun gazing at it all!

Frou Frou Craft

Frou Frou Craft’s designs are just as much fun to look at as is to say!  I love how she takes her beautiful illustrations and combines them with great lovely watercolor patterns. Her illustrations style is more lifelike with rich color palettes and several different themes.


You and I Graphics

Finding Irene’s Instagram was like love at first sight! I love her color palette and her designs are peacefully relaxing. She shows off how someone could use her products on several different products, so I can easily imagine Irene teaming with modern beauty products for amazing packaging designs.


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I hope you enjoy a few of my inspirational pattern designers. If you want to see more inspirational pattern designs from lovely artists on Creative Market, head on over to start browsing my pattern collection.

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