Ice Cream Emoji – Paper Cut Craft

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Whoop whoop! It’s time for this week’s paper cut craft! I don’t know about you, but I’m thrilled that I have managed to post 1 project for the last 3 weeks! I’m giggly to finally be working on things I enjoy. I certainly hope you enjoy this Ice Cream Emoji paper cut craft, as I enjoyed making it. This week, I remember to take pictures for you as well as a video! Yay! Without further ado, let’s get started! Ice Cream Emoji – Paper Cut Craft.

Ice Cream Emoji – Paper Cut Craft



Confident Intermediate-Advance

This Ice Cream Emoji paper cut craft has a LOT of little places. I don’t recommend it for beginners. You can make it easier by not cutting out the strawberry seeds, chocolate chips, strawberry chunks, and the text. A good alternative would be to cut the words as one art piece,  and the ice creams for another piece so that you have two arts side by side. This would make the letters much larger and easier to work with.

Remember you can make any ice cream flavor you want! Just change out the colors! If you don’t want the chocolate ice cream to be the one that has fallen off, just swap out the color paper to personalize your paper cut art. 😉


1. Pick Your Paper

I’ll be using white, pink, dark red, light pink, light yellow, mint green, Irish green, brown, cream (here it’s more tan/brown, I ended up changing it), light brown and black.

2. Cut Out the Shapes:


3. Put in a Frame and Share on Social Media!

After you finish your project, please share a picture with me on social media and leave a 5-star review on Etsy!

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