How to Create an Unboxing Experience for Your Portfolio

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How to create an unboxing experience for your portfolio! Are you ready to show some creative directors how fabulous your work is? Here are some tips that I pulled together while I was assembling my package together.


  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Printed Hardcover Portfolio
  • Filler
  • Box
  • Gift

Before sending out your portfolio checklist:

  • Research the companies you would like to work with
    • Company
    • Industry
    • Website
    • Creative Director
    • Email
    • The Physical Address
    • Phone Number
    • Keep track if you have reached out to them or not
  • What size would you like your portfolio?
  • How will you ship your portfolio?
  • What else would you like to include with your portfolio?

Printing Your Portfolio

I decided to create my portfolio to be 12″ x 12″ because I wanted the pages to be large so that pattern details could be large enough to see. I knew I was going to use Blurb to print my portfolio because of their high-quality professional printing.

Type Box

I searched for boxes for way too long. I didn’t realize that they don’t make 12″ x 12″ boxes as common as other sizes. I ended up buying a 50 pack from Amazon. πŸ˜› Not what I wanted to do. I realized that I basically bought a pizza box, but you could look at boxes from Uline, but you may have to order a small batch or try to see if you can get samples.

Packaging Tape

Add some extra branding to your box with custom packaging tape! I ordered packaging tape from Sticker Mule, and I’m very happy with the end result.

Print your ResumΓ©, Cover Letter and Leave Behind

While in college, my professors told me that it’s nice to give a “leave-behind” when you leave an interview. So, I also wanted to give something to the same effect. Therefore, I created a small resume with a snapshot of my collections.

Include a Small Gift

I also ordered custom stickers of some of my designs to give as a little gift as well.

Business Cards

I printed my Business Cards from Moo. I ordered 50 of the standard business cards, and they feel like plastic, just a bit thinner than a credit card.

Add “Filler”

Adding items like crinkle paper, fiber linin silk, tissue paper,


Before you ship your portfolio, be sure that you have a website first! Get your web hosting with Dreamhost! I have had an account with Dreamhost since 2015, and they have been wonderful for me! The customer service is amazing!!! You will need to purchase a website theme after you install WordPress. My favorite themes come from Lovely Confetti.

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Do you have any tips on how to create an unboxing experience for your portfolio? Leave a comment below!

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