Holiday Light Gift Tags

Christmas DIY Gift Tags

Wrapping gifts can be such a fun part of the holiday season. Today, I’m going to show you how I created some gift tags that you can easily download and use for the holiday season!

DIY Holiday Light Gift Tags

Holiday Light Gift Tags

First, I started with a Christmas light doodle. 

holiday gift tags step 2

Then, I uploaded it to my computer and vectorized it with Adobe Illustrator. I canned some color mimicking traditional Christmas lights. 

holiday gift tags step 3

Using another sheet of paper, I covered the bottom half of the tags. This way I can spray my adhesive spray and sprinkle on glitter, leaving the bottom open for writing on. 

holiday gift tags step 4

I had this box to help take pictures, but now it’s used to spray glue. You never want to spray adhesive on your floor or inside. It will ruin your floor with a sticky texture that won’t easily go away and the fumes can be toxic. 

holiday gift tags

This is the result! Nice, right? Now we will just need to cut out the tags. 

holiday gift tags step 5

I prefer using an Exacto knife and a ruler. I cut straighter and fast using these than a pair of scissors. 

Christmas DIY Gift Tags

Finally, just punch a whole in the top and add a cute bow. Ta da! Write down the names, tie or tape it to your gift, and it’s done! 

I hope you enjoy these DIY holiday light gift tags!

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Let me know some other designs that you would like. Merry Christmas!

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