Grow Your Email List With Quizzes


Grow Your Email List With Quizzes!

It’s every entrepreneurs’ goal to have an email list that has thousands of ideal subscribers. However, getting those subscribers are tough! You make ebooks, video courses, freebie printable downloads, but after all that time you poured into making your email hook… you got nothing.

So what’s a gal to do? What if your ideal subscribers have fun while signing up to your mailing list? What if you could provide an experience that amused them so much that they couldn’t refuse to hand over their email address? That would be pretty ideal, right!?

Welcome to Interact!

Interact is the new cool kid on the block when it comes to lead generation quizzes email subscribers. Why? Because Interact is an interactive quiz platform that allows you to create custom quizzes that are modern, customizable, and smooth. These quizzes are styled like Buzz Feed that allows images, gifs, and text featured within slides for easy use. It’s so clean and easy to use that you don’t have to spend hours learning.

You can learn how to make a quiz in minutes with this fun quiz funnel platform.

Wanna see an example for yourself? Check out my quiz on Should You Be a Graphic Designer?

Beautiful User Interface

Get a behind the scenes look on Interact. This video will walk you through how to use interact to create your own customizable quizzes to grow your email list.

Start Growing Your Email List

Hop on over to Interact, to begin creating custom quizzes for your ideal subscribers. Interact wants you to succeed. That’s why they have several premade templets, case studies and tutorials to make the most of your quiz!

Sign up for a free webinar to begin learning how quizzes can put dollars in your pocket!

Have any email growth tips?

Have some tips of your own? Have you tried Interact? Leave a comment below!


Grow Your Email List With Quizzes Grow Your Email List With Quizzes Grow Your Email List With Quizzes

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