Free Valentine Craft – You’re an Ex-STRAW-dinary Friend!


Free Valentine Craft – You’re an Ex-STRAW-dinary Friend!

Do you want to make your own Valentine craft, but you need something that is adult and co-ed friendly? I was in the same boat, so I made this design. I was hunting all over Pinterest and Google looking for a cute craft that wasn’t too elementary and would be fun to cut with my Silhouette Cameo.  Now, I am excited to share with you my Free Valentine Craft – You’re an Ex-STRAW-dinary Friend!

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Opening File Tips:

  1. When you enter your email above to download the files, you will have to confirm your email address before receiving the files.
  2. After you confirm your email you will be directed to a webpage to download the files.
  3. Once you have the files downloaded, right click, and save the files in a really safe place where you will be able to find them again.
  4. Do not try to open the files directly from your email inbox. Because of pre-settings that may be on your computer, your computer will try to open the file with the wrong software.
  5. Open your cutting machine software.
  6. Import the file into a new document. If you have a Silhouette Cameo and are using Silhouette Studio, go to File>Open…> and select the file you just downloaded and saved. (Remember you saved it in a really safe place ;)) I do not have a Cricut, so your process of opening the file may be different.
  7. If all fails, try to drag and drop the cut file into the new document.
  8. Now the file should appear. If you do not see your file, try zooming out, and look for the design’s outline around the cutting board.

Legal Use:

This file is for personal use ONLY! This file is NOT for commercial use! If you wish to use this file to create a product to sell, you will have to buy a commercial license for reproduction for 500 copies or less. You can buy a license for 500 copies or less in my shop: You’re an Ex-STRAW-dinary Friend! Commercial License Cut File. You do not have permission to sell the files or offer the files as a free download on your website or anyone else’s website. When caught selling this file or using this file to create a product in which you did not buy a commercial license for 500 copies or less, you will be asked to remove immediately and possibly pay a fine in a ratio that correlates to the number of total downloads that you distributed. If you intend to produce more the 500 copies a royalty fee of 15% of total sales will be required. Please contact me to inquire about a royalty contract. If caught producing more then 500 copies without signing a royalty contract, then I will be in touch with my lawyer for fraud against creative theft of intellectual property. By downloading this file, you are agreeing to these terms. For any questions please contact me at I check my email often, so please allow 1-2 business days for a response. 

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