Free Hand Lettering Workshop

Want to learn how to hand letter?

Do you have a desire to make your own cards, home decor, or just learn a new skill? Just imagine the beautiful quotes you could make for your friends, family, and social media followers in just a 10 minutes a day. Watch my free Hand Lettering Workshop on Youtube to kick off your hand lettering potential.

Purchase my Hand Lettering Workshop Bundle (digital downloads) to follow along with the workshop video, available in my Etsy shop.

When I offer classes in person, I’ll charge $35 per student. So, I’m sure you can see the deal I’m offering you by giving the course information for free and only $12 for the Hand Lettering Workshop Bundle. Yay!

Disclaimer: I will include affiliate links to quality products that will be useful for your creative process. When you make a purchase from an affricate link, it will help support my blog, so I can continue to create more resources content for you.


To start the Free Hand Lettering Workshop, I suggest you use these supplies. Of course, the best tools are the ones you have! So, use what you’re most comfortable with, but remember to experiment with new tools.

  • A printer
  • Hand Lettering Workshop Bundle:
    • Included in the bundle:
    • 1 – The Hand Lettering Vanguard Workbook – An Efficient Workbook to Kick Start Your Lettering Potential.
    • 2 – Beginner Practice Sheets: Brush Strokes, Alphabet, Numbers, and Symbols
    • 3 – 15 Different Hand Lettering Styles
    • For personal use ONLY. Do not redistribute or resell

If you are on a budget, just start with the pen, paper, and printer.


Free Hand Lettering Workshop Bundle

The Hand Lettering Vanguard Workbook, Alphabet Practice Sheets &  15 Different Hand Lettering Styles

free hand lettering course

Free Hand Lettering Workshop

Hand Lettering Practice Sheets

Hand Lettering Practice Sheets

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