Free Friendship Card, Lucky To Have You!

Hello Beautiful! Now is a great time to send your friends a card! It will brighten their day and will make you feel like an amazing friend. 😉 It’s super simple, so lets start making your free friendship card, Lucky to Have You!

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Making Your Friendship Card

First, open your files! You will find two files. One for the card, and the other will glued inside the card as the sentiment. I love saving paper as much as possible, so I put two copies of the sentiments.

If you have a printer that can print a 5×7 card stock, cut your paper first. If not, then you will have to print your card out then eyeball the boarders. Sorry, I didn’t add cutting marks. 🙈Or! Just print fit-to-page and your card will a lot bigger. You’re smart! You can figure it out. I believe in you!

Now that your paper is printed, and cut to 5×7 take the sentiment page and cut it in half at 3.5 inches. Yay! Now you have two! Whoop whoop!

Take the other paper and fold it at 3.5inches.

Glue the sentiment inside and Voila! Presto! Muy Bien!

Be sure to add a cute sticker on the back. You can find my stickers on

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And sign, seal, delivered! It’s yours! 🎶

Great job!

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