Fix Your Ponytail – Power of Hand Lettering


“Words are powerful. Why not use them to lift someone up today instead of knocking them down?” —

Is it not amazing how powerful words can be? Words can be motivational or harshly rude. The things we say to people certainly have a great effect on the relationships that contribute to our overall enjoyment of life. Lately, I have been incredibly inspired by the art of hand lettering. I have been vastly amazed how words and letters can be arranged to present such a powerful meaning. When words and design blend together it can be like a dance as the letters interact with each other as if to inspire you to move along with the message  presented. I want to show you my hand lettering design process in effort to support and encourage you to keep trying to achieve your goals as well.


Artists like Mary Kate Devitt and Sean Wes have been highly inspirational to me as I venture out to understand the art of hand lettering for myself. I recently bought Mary Kate’s book, Hand-Lettering Ledger: A Practical Guide to Creating Serif, Script, Illustrated, Ornate, and Other Totally Original Hand-Drawn Styles and this book has definitely served as an inspiration to me. 

The cover the of book: Hand Lettering Ledger that inspired me to make this project.

What I Learned

Each time I start a new project I get overwhelmingly excited! I think, “Oh this will be the next greatest thing I have ever done!” Ha! Hardly does a project meet my expectations, but  I know that each attempt is a step in the right direction. Lately, I have tried to loosen up by letting go of my desire for perfection. I am now experimenting with variety versus quality. It is easy to work on one project and never feel like it is complete. This leads me to get frustrated and even bored with my project, leaving me with little desire to try again because the next project will not be “perfect,” which damages my creative spirit. So, yes, maybe all my edges are not perfect, but right now that is my style. As I continue to improve I know I will create smoother transitions, better designs, fun color schemes, and a faster design process. I refuse to get overwhelmed and quit, so I will simply tighten my ponytail and try again.

I hope this project can inspire you to keep trying no matter what your goals are. Please share with your friends so we can encourage each other.

Thanks for your support!

Hand Lettering Design Process

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