February Free Floral Coloring Page

CW Design february coloring contest free coloring page

Let’s color our to spring with my February Free Floral Coloring Page! Print, color and post your work to Instagram by tagging @Crystal_Whitlow to earn this month’s sticker.

This really isn’t a contest. Everyone who participates will get a sticker from my fruity illustrations. 🍌 Also, I will share your post on this blog post! ☺️

February Free Floral Coloring Page

February coloring page

I know it’s February, but I cannot stop thinking about spring. I used to live in Tennessee while I was a University, and my FAVORITE part about living in the south was that spring began in February.

So, you can only imagine how much that has spoiled me trying to live in other climates. I’m here still freezing in Michigan, while I know all the cherry trees are blooming in good ol’ Chattanooga.

Tell me when spring cures for you!

Do you have a favorite spring flower or a bird you get excited to see again? What is a favorite activity that you look forward to doing? I would love to go for a long hike on a nature trail.

Until then, I try to stay nice and warm, working on creating pattern designs, coloring pages and cards for beautiful people like you to enjoy!

Let me know which of my freebies are your favorite. If you would like to know when the next one is available, please follow me on Instagram and join my newsletter.


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