Day 1 – Traveling to Spain

The day is here! I am being so in the moment, and that is my intentions throughout this whole adventure. Today I begin my journey to Spain for a 10-week course to learn Spanish, take bachata lessons, grow in my career, and reconnect with God and be more in tune with my faith.

So far, everything is going really well! I woke up, practiced Spanish while drinking my coffee. Next, I went for a 3.2-mile run and got cleaned up. Then I worked for a bit until 11, then I finished packing my bag, and gave my kitty all the kisses and cuddles before pulling out of the driveaway a little after 12pm.

Anthony drove me to the South Bend Trainstation. On the way, I told him that I’m full of so much anticipation, but it’s happening. I need to be present. I am very grateful that Anthony has been so supportive! We had a long hug at the train station, I got all teary, we said goodbye, and Anthony wished me off as I went it to get my ticket.

Said good-bye to Anthony and grabbed my South Shoreline train ticket!

A woman behind me only had cash at the kiosk for the train ticket, so I paid for her round trip, and she paid me back. I figure that is a pretty good deed for the day! I also have a Hersey’s chocolate bar in my bad that I’m planning on giving to someone who deserves it. 🙂

Right now, I’m stilling in a Starbucks in Chicago. I needed to charge my phone, and I’ll be getting on the Blue Line to head to O’hare Airport. My flight leaves at 7:10 pm. 😀This is all exciting.

Tomorrow I will wake up in Zurich, Switzerland! I will have a 22-hour layout. Any ideas on things to do in Zurich?

Enjoying the Train ride!
My bag is huge and doesn’t fit in the seat or on top. The train conductor told me to put it by the wall. But that’s right next to the door! I was terrified of someone walking off with it. I watched it like a hawk.

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