CW Design Business Goals for 2018

CW Design business goals for 2018

As 2017 is coming to a close, I’m gearing up for a successful year for CW Design starting in 2018. I have worked exceedingly hard over 2017 to understand marketing concepts across social media including email marketing, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and most recently, Etsy. I have sat down with my “can’t live without” planner and have written down all my CW Design Business Goals for 2018.

Looking back on 2017, I feel like I nailed down a BUNCH of foundational work. I have narrowed down my target audience, which feels like it’s always evolving, set up am an Email list, Facebook Business & Group Page, finally got organized with my Instagram feed as well as opened an online shop with Etsy and Printful and started making a passive income, which really isn’t all that passive right now.

I have achieved so much more than that too. For a full year, I have worked a full year at a “real” graphic design job; learning how to manage work, life, spirituality, health, and career goals. Working at Champion has taught me a ton about the clothing & college industry.

I’m crazy thankful that I have managed to pay off my student loans this year too! 27K in 19 months! Yeah! Talk about a feel-good accomplishment. If you want to see my reaction to paying off my loans you can watch it on my Youtube Channel.

I say all this not to boost, but just to reflect on the accomplishments I have achieved. I feel like I can easily rush into one idea after the other and I don’t take time to reflect and appreciate myself. This leads me to feel lacking and never good enough, which leads to burnout and discouragement. I know that many other entrepreneurial women struggle with affirming themselves as well. It was discussed on a good episode on the Real Rebel podcast. Definitely a podcast to check out for girl boss like women! 😉

So, below is my list of CW Design Business Goals for 2018. I tried to be practical, but create a challenge for myself as well. If you believe in me, I’d greatly appreciate if you would comment below, or follow me on social media and subscribe to my email list.

CW Design Business Goals for 2018
CW Design Business Goals for 2018

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CW Design Business Goals for 2018

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CW Design business goals for 2018

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