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I don’t know if it’s because I was born in January, or that I love the snow, but I know that I have a secret admiration for yetis! I’m super excited to present my Chillin’ Yeti surface patterns design.

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I wanted to combine several cute fun size mythical creatures doing typical wintery human activities for this pattern design. I have discovered that illustrations of characters are more interesting when they are performing tasks rather then looking like paper dolls.

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This is the first pattern design that I did not vectorize my illustrations. Now, I love vector design! I love using adobe illustrator to make flat graphics. However, I was getting frustrated that vectoring my designs take sooooo long. I have several pattern designs ideas, and I just felt like I could produce my ideas quick enough.

Chillin’ Yeti Pattern Design

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I love my iPad Pro. It is hands down one of the best investments I have made for myself. I can literally design any where! I dream of the day when I have my go-to coffee shop, with my go-to barista where I can sit and work on my illustrations while sipping on my delicious chai tea latte.

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I currently find myself working in libraries or study areas on Andrews University’s campus. Only because there isn’t a cool coffee shop near by to go hangout at. :/ But I digress…

I really wanted to created a collection of patterns to accent this pattern. However, my freelance work is beginning to pick up, and I’m also working part time. So, I really don’t have the time right now to finish this collection if I want to begin making the other patterns I want to do.

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Valentine’s day will be here soon, and I had a cute idea for that holiday. My goal is to always work 3 months ahead of the season, but I continue to flop on that goal. #Iwillgetthere #goals

I also realized that I would rather produce one good pattern, then one okayish pattern and 4 crappy ones. I think as I continue working in this creative field I will develop a work flow that will help me be productive. At least, until my pattern designs start making money, I won’t have to take on so many freelance projects.

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So, yeah. This is just a little inside scoop of what my designing career is looking like. 🙂 Perhaps as I finish a few client products I will write a blog post for that too. Let me know below if you would like to see my client work. 🙂

I really hope you love my Chillin’ Yeti Pattern! If you do, please support me by going to one of my shops and make a purchase. 🙂

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