Charisma Wireless Earbuds – Best Earbuds for Graphic Designers

Best earbuds for graphic designers

How I Got Charisma Wireless Earbuds


To give credit where credit is due, my husband picked these headphones out for me. I didn’t realize how annoying my old headphones were until I got these. Thanks, Honey! Moowah!

Why I love these Charisma Wireless Earbuds so much!?

It’s More Than an Accessory

It’s no secret that graphic designers don’t move around too much. If you value an active lifestyle, I wouldn’t suggest becoming a graphic designer. However, I still love this career; I just hate sitting so much staring at the computer screen.

To mentally occupy myself, I listen to lots of podcasts!

As I sit and get down to business, I’ll plug my headphones into my computer or my phone. I didn’t realize how obnoxious it was to work around the headphone cord.

No More Yanking Cord

Sitting in a rolly chair means that I can’t go very far without ripping out my earbuds. Owch! Who hasn’t done that? Or drop your phone and yank out your earbuds. Ugh…

Thankfully, I don’t have to deal with that anymore.

Walk Around Without My Phone

These earbuds’ Bluetooth can extend for along ways. I can set my phone down anywhere in my apartment and take my podcast with me.

Even when I’m at the office, I can walk all the way to the copier machine and still have a connection. I don’t know how to explain how far that is, but I was impressed. Let’s say 4-5 car lengths…?

Rose Gold

These headphones are “Female-Inspired.” At least, that’s that the box says. I have a mild obsession with rose gold. So, when these came with the rose gold option, I was thrilled.


There are magnetic plates on the back of each earbud, just enough for them to stick together. I find that the magnetic plates help them from getting tangled.

The “clip” is a magnet too. So, you don’t have to worry about the spring breaking. At first, I thought that the magnetic clip would not be a strong enough hold, but I have warned these while working out and I never had an issue with them falling off.

Excellent Battery Life

I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets annoyed with always having to charge my electrical devices. With these earbuds, I can go a couple of days without charging. I use them quite a bit, so some people may be able to go 3-4 days without charging. The box says that it was a 10-hour battery life. A++ πŸ˜€ And it charges with a USB. No batteries!

Building in Micro Phone

Two years ago I got my first iPhone, and within the first week…. I accidently dropped it…. in the toilet. I know, I know! The horror! Thankfully, only one thing went wrong. In order for people to hear me, I have to turn on the speaker phone. Therefore, having a built in microphone is a MUST, and this one is fantastic, as I can clip it close to my shirt collar and have my hands free while making calls.

Other Bonuses for Charisma Wireless Earbuds

  • Comes with three different earbuds tips
  • You get Earbud tips for life
  • Sweat Resistant
  • Made for Females
  • Amazing Packaging

Just like you won’t leave the house without your phone, wallet, and Batman belt, I wouldn’t leave the house without these Charisma Wireless Earbuds either. I think they are a great product, and I was a perfect gift for a graphic designer.

Best earbuds for graphic designers

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