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Hey Guys! I’m so excited to give you the inside scoop on designing my surface pattern design, Emerald Forest! ^_^ Included in this post is another freebie, a Baby Bear SVG free for personal use.* The design was inspired by the Spoonflower design challenge, Emerald Forst and my summer vacations spent at Camp Cherokee in the Adirondacks Park.

This pattern design is very different from my usual workflow. Usually, I will draw the objects and then I will vectorize them in Illustrator. This time imaged traced them in Adobe Illustrator after I drew them on my iPad. I did this to keep up with my goal of making 1 pattern collection a week. This was really difficult for me because I am obsessed with perfectly smooth lines. It was hard to accept the imperfections, but I realized that some people prefer that hand-drawn look so it doesn’t need to be perfect. Now I’m pretty excited with my Emerald Forest design and the collection that has been made to compliment it.

Emerald Forest Time Lapse

I created a time-lapse video for you to see a behind the sense look at my design process. It would be mightly impressive five I could actually work at these speeds. Let me know if you enjoy the time-lapse video!

Remember that you can now download free wallpaper designs! Hop on over to get the secret password to download my designs as wallpapers for you iPhone, iPad, and iMac. I’m like 95% sure that the images will work on Android, and HP devices too. ^_^

Get to Know the Designer

If you haven’t been over to my Youtube Channel, watch the video above to get to know me. I post a vlog video about my progress as a surface pattern & graphic designer. I’m pretty bubbly, silly, quirky, motivated and ____ you fill in the blank. I’d love for you to leave a comment on my channel, and let me know what videos you would enjoy seeing from me!

Baby Bear SVG Free

Baby Bear SVG Cut File

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