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I’m always meeting talented designers with inspirational work! Today, I want to introduce to you my friend, Ana Parracho. Ana is from Paris, France and works diligently as a typographer!

She has an amazing collection of fonts on Creative Market, and I highly recommend checking out her work.

Ana Parracho – Self Taught Typographer

Without further ado, here is my interview with Ana:

When did you start making typefaces?

I started creating fonts in the summer of 2013 when I purchased a book called “Draw Your Own Fonts” by Tony Seddon. (Learn more about “Draw Your Own Fonts.”) I had always been interested in fonts, so I thought it would be fun to make my own! Turned out it was more difficult than I thought.

Ana Parracho's Fonts
Ana’s Typeface Available on


How did you learn to make fonts?

I am mostly self-taught. I learned by reading books, watching online tutorials, and mostly by doodling and experimenting around with font software.

Ana Parracho's Fonts
Ana’s Typeface Available on


Do you work solo?

Yes, but I’ve had people approach me about making custom fonts for their own projects. In this case, it’s more of a collaboration, as they already have a pretty clear idea of what they want their font to look like.

Ana Parracho's Fonts
Ana’s Typeface Available on


Do you have a favorite font?

Yes! I love the fonts by Eduardo Recife creator of  Misprinted Type. I was obsessed with his font Nasty back in the day, so when I come across old school assignments, that’s always the font I used in the titles. My teachers were probably confused as to why I was using it in my English report….

Nasty Type
Get Free Download Here!


How do you find inspiration?

I love looking at typography everywhere. If something catches my eye in the street, I will stop and look at it for a while (it can be annoying for the people walking with me). I look for inspiration in anything that looks old and weathered: vintage advertising, old book covers, LP sleeves, and movie posters. I also get lost admiring everyone else’s fonts online. There are so many good ones!

Ana Parracho's Fonts
Ana’s Typeface Available on


In what ways do you wish to improve your typefaces?

So many! I would like to be able to create more text fonts, with several weights. I would also like to get better at catching that true handwritten feeling in my script fonts. But overall, I hope I can continue to experiment with different styles and techniques, that are also different from other fonts already out there.

Check out Ana’s Typefaces on Creative Market!

Ana Parracho's Fonts

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  1. Wow lovely interview dear, I am running an Interview series on my website, and loved your style 🙂
    Plus, I am a self-taught & self-made marketer hence love meeting such people thanks for sharing dear 🙂

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