8 Fonts You Should Never Use


Comic San Font1 Comic Sans

This font has faced plenty of harassment by people ridiculing it for being use in inappropriate ways. As said in the name, it is only made for comics. Go figure! Non-specialists like it because they think it looks friendly and welcoming. Well, this font has a history and a purpose. You wouldn’t ask a farmer to be an astronaut, so do not make this font do anything it wasn’t made for. Reserve it for comics.


Papyrus Font2 Papyrus

It was not until my freshman year of college till I realize how this font is being abused by every other beauty spa and nail shop. This font was created to represent Egyptian writing on. . . You guessed it! Papyrus! So, unless you intend to use this font to model Egyptian hieroglyphics, don’t use it!


Curlz MT Font
3 Curlz MT

Sure it’s kind of cute, but it is tough to read! If you want people to read your content, you have to make it as easy as possible. Plus, if you use this font, you might as well shout with your hands in the air saying, “I have no idea what I’m doing!” You don’t want people to realize that you only use default fonts on your computer.


Impact Font

If you want to make a real statement don’t use this font. It’s heavily used and is too chunky. Bebas Neue is a better modern font if you need a thin san serif.


Brush Script Font5 Brush Script

This font has been mightily attractive for little league baseball teams and other minor league sports. It doesn’t mean that it’s bad, but if you want a font that is handwritten then go for something that is more organic. Free Design Resources is one of my favorite sites for beautiful display fonts. I suggest subscribing to get updates about new beautiful free fonts.

Courier Font

6 Courier

This font looks like web developing computer code. If you have ever seen computer

code, you know that it can be hard to read within a paragraph. If you want a nice serif font, my current favorite is Playfair Display.


Times New Roman7 Times New Roman

This font has been known as a default font on Windows word processors till 2007. Because people are used to seeing it, this font can be easily overlooked. When I see Times New Roman, I immediately think of research papers! No one likes research papers, so don’t use this font.


8 Hobo STD

Unfortunately, this font is also overused, and it looks “groovy” and cartoony. So, for the same reasons why you wouldn’t use comic sans, don’t use Hobo. Please…

So, there you have it! These are some of the few fonts you should never use. Remember some fonts were made this a purpose. If you are unfamiliar with a font’s history, then be sure to figure out what the font’s history is before using it. Having a bad font can be the deal breaker when creating anything from flyers, invitations, business cards, and advertisements. Don’t let our ignorance show.


Websites for beautiful free fonts:


Font Squirrel Logo

Font Squirrel


Free Design Resources Logo FontFree Design Resources


Lost Type Co-op Font Logo

Lost Type

Be sure to check rights and licensing before using a font!

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