6 Useful Fabric Mockup Images

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Every pattern deserves to look its best. Knowing how your pattern will look on real fabric is one of the greatest excitements. These mockups will give you a second best! These 6 useful fabric mockup images will make your pattern shine and look almost real! To help sell or view whatever pattern you create, these 6 useful fabric mockup images are for you!

1. Cotton Fabric Mockup Set

Whatever pattern you have is going to look great with this layered fabric mockup. This mockup comes with two different views. The first one like above where you can feature several designs, and one plain fabric that will give your pattern the real textured look of the pattern.

2. Fanned Fabric Stack Mockup

This stacked-mockup design is another great way to feature a pattern set or simply different fabric patterns that you have created. This mockup is a great way to feature your pattern and look like its actually on the fabric.

3. Fabric Swatch Mockup

Similar to number 2, here are some great angles to feature your patterns as if your pattern was already printed on the material. A great way to feature your patterns or set of patterns.

4. Satin Fabric Mockup Set

Does your pattern have a satin feel to it? This mockup will bring the shine to any of your patterns you would like to feature. Your designs have never looked more luxurious!

5. Rolled Pattern Mockup

Make your patterns look like they rolled right off the shelf of the craft store! This mockup will help your patterns look like they are ready to ship and get used by any DIY enthusiast for their next craft project.

6. Fabric Rolls and Pillow

This all-inclusive mockup has multiple views and images for you to feature your pattern design with or without a pillow. These naturally gorgeous settings will make your pattern stand out the way those patterns are meant to be and show how great your pattern really looks! This 8 PSD mockup set is perfect for any pattern designer!

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