5 Reasons Why You Should Hand Letter

5 Reasons Why You Should Hand Letter
Do you want to begin hand lettering, but you’re not sure if it’s worth your time? Perhaps you don’t want to invest in new supplies just to be disappointed if you don’t like it. Whatever your concern is, allow me to explain 5 reasons why you should hand letter.

5 Reasons Why You Should Hand Letter

– You meditate on the words you write.
– Activate your creative side
– Take a break from the TV or computer screen
– Brighten someone’s day
– Artistically fulfilling

Positive Thinking

When I choose a phrase to hand letter, it is often a quote that I find inspirational, encouraging or funny in some way. Writing the words out can take anywhere from 5 minutes to a few hours. I find myself meditating on those words, repeating them over and over in my head as I sketch them out. Thinking about the meaning of the quote is fairly therapeutic, it also encourages positive thinking and promotes a calming attitude.

Activate Creativity

I believe everyone needs a creative outlet. When you get home from work or school, exhausted and hungry, hand lettering is an excellent way to activate your mind. People who sit in front of the television for a few hours before going to bed are missing out on a fantastic opportunity to develop a skill that will boost their confidence and quantity of life. Make the most of your beautiful evening hours to release your creative side.

Less Screen Time

As mentioned above, people spend too much time in front of a screen. As I am writing this, I’m sitting in a dark room with the computer light projecting in my face. (…Walks away to turn on a light…) It always irks me when people say, “I just watch tv until I fall asleep.” Does it ever occur to them that they can’t fall asleep because of the tv? Televisions, cell phones, and other monitors project light that seriously off balances the melatonin hormone in your head. Melatonin is responsible for helping you fall asleep and stay asleep. Some devices now offer “Night Mode” where the screen will turn yellow to offset the lighting effects.
What does this have to do with hand lettering? Well, in the evenings try turning off the television, put on some relaxing music, and try hand lettering for a while. Once your melatonin levels are accurate, you will sleep better, giving you the advantage to having a productive day leading to a better quality of life. Doesn’t everyone want to have plenty of energy? With healthy bodies, you can hand letter till you’re 99! ;D

Brighten Someone Else Day

When I finish a design, I can’t keep it to myself! No, I have to share it! Pass along your sweet message to a friend and brighten their day too! DIY hand lettering notes are the best. ^_^

Artistry Fulfilling

At first, your design may not be the cream of the crop, but over time you will improve. I promise! As you do, you will become more artistry fulfilled and motivated! I have never heard anyone complain about having too much artistic talent. Hand lettering can become your outlet to feel artistically fulfilled.

Free Practice Sheets

Download my FREE 30 Days to Better Brush Lettering practice sheets to get started! Learn the basic strokes and a brush font to begin your hand lettering journey!
Be sure to share your designs on my Facebook Group: Crystal Whitlow Designs | Hand Lettering & Art. All levels of artistic-ness are welcome! We all want to see your designs and encourage you along. Join our Facebook community today.

Inspirational Hand Lettered Fonts

5 Reasons Why You Should Hand Letter
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5 Reasons Why You Should Hand Letter
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  1. I have never thought of hand lettering as therapeutic before, but it totally makes sense! Less screen time, thoughtful meditation, repetition…all very good. Thanks for the inspo!

  2. I took a hand lettering class recently, it was pretty cool but I felt really useless… not good with my lettering at all. I have to fine some time to practice but I’m sure I’ll enjoy it!

  3. This is something that I’ve always wanted to try – thanks for sharing, you’ve given me that little bit extra motivation to give it a go

    Dani x

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