5 Principals of Good Logo Design

5 Key Principals of Good Logo Design
Creating a logo can be challenging when developing your branding. Working with a graphic designer that coincides with your style is a great investment to guarantee that your branding will look professional, trustworthy, original, and personal. Graphic designers are trained and talented in developing a logo that incorporates the 5 Key Principals of Good Logo Design.

5 Key Principals of Good Logo Design

As described on the Just Creative Blog, by Jacob Cass, these 5 logo principles are:
  1. Simple
  2. Memorable
  3. Timeless
  4. Versatile
  5. Appropriate
These attributes are not in any particular order, as they all are equally necessary for an effective logo.


It’s important not to overcomplicate your logo with too many bells and whistles. Having a simple icon that is easy to recognize will help people remember you, and what your business represents.
Beautiful, Simple Geometric Logos for sale on Creative Market
5 Key Principals of Good Logo Design


Memorable goes hand in hand with “simple.” It’s good to remember that “less is more” when deciding on a logo. Coming up with original, but simple logos can be challenging. I suggest working with a graphic designer to prevent identifying yourself with an icon that is tacky or cliché.
You may what to see several bad examples. http://logodesignerblog.com/bad-ugly-worst-logo-designs/
Then check out these beautiful examples of Beautiful Word Mark Logos available to buy on Creative Market.
5 Key Principals of Good Logo Design


Pineapples, hexagons, foxes and watercolor textures may be popular now, but if your logo consists of currently trending icons will your logo still work in 10-20 years or more down the road. Creating logos that will work pass the current era is a challenge, but doable.
Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi:
5 Key Principals of Good Logo Design
If you enjoy the timeless vintage logos, here is a sample pack of retro logos designs.
5 Key Principals of Good Logo Design


You may have heard of the “K.I.S.S.” expression. K.I.S.S stands for Keep It Simple Stupid. Some of the best logo designs are made of the most basic shapes. Basic shape logos are helpful for placement versatility. Meaning that people will be able to identify your logo whether it’s on a postage stamp or a billboard. People need to recognize your logo whether they are driving by it at 70 miles per hour or spotting it on an embroidered shirt.
A logo should easily convert from full color to white and black mono color. If your logo is entirely dependent on colors, then your versatile rating is a zero. One color options make printing and layout easier. Say you want to screen print your logo on a shirt, but only want to pay for 1 ink color verse 5. A one color logo will nicely overlap an image or background color when designing printed materials.
Learn more about why your logo needs to convert to black and white. http://www.thelogofactory.com/logos-black-white-one-color/
It is helpful to have a logo that works with a verity of arrangements. See some examples for sale.
5 Key Principals of Good Logo Design


Last but not the least, your logo must be appropriate. Be sure that your logo relates to what you do and not sleazy or goofy purely for the “thrill.”
For example: If you offer BBQ catering, incorporate grills, pork chops, flames, etc. It wouldn’t be appropriate to have a sexy illustration of women holding a prime rib. If you do like that, then use it as a part of your marketing and branding elements in addition to your logo. Your logo is the face of your business. Using a “sexy woman illustration” may turn off any female potential clients if they see that curvy women with meat are how you identify yourself.
Make sure your colors relate to the business as well. Take the time to learn how colors affect people’s mood and buying experience. Yellow and reds are fast paced and invoke hunger. Perfect for fast food changes. Spas work well with relaxing light purples and blues. Dark blue is trustworthy and serious which is helpful for banks, health professionals, and lawyers.
Keep in mind that the logo doesn’t have to show what the business does. Car logos don’t need to have a car in it, and computers don’t need to show computers and lawyers don’t need a gavel.
Fun fact! Looking at the top 50 brands in the world, 94% of the logos do not describe what the company does.
Lovely Examples of Icon Logos

Now you know!

Comment below to share your thoughts on good or bad logo design!
Happy Branding!
Crystal Whitlow

Examples of logos that use all 5 Principles of Good Logo Design

5 Key Principals of Good Logo Design
5 Key Principals of Good Logo Design
5 Key Principals of Good Logo Design
5 Key Principals of Good Logo Design

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