4 Simple Tips to Know If It’s Time to Rebrand

With the ever changing tides around you and your business, you might be wondering if you too should be making changes for your own business.

You might have read or heard the phrase “be on-brand” and not quite understand what that concept means or if it even applies to you. 

Today I am going to help you understand what it means to be on-brand, why it is important in the marketing world and should you take the steps to rebrand.

 Branding is your company’s active side, placing its image and offerings in the minds of your targeted market. 

Clarity on Branding?

It is important to grasp that a brand is more than just your logo and business name that gets printed on packages or stickered to that candle jar.  It’s the impression on the consumer before they purchased, during opening and expectations met because they just took a selfie with your product and sent it out to all their friends! This is how you distinguish from other competitors and clarifies your offer was the better choice. 

How to know if rebranding is needed?

Here is a checklist compiled of 4 keys or triggers that lets you know it is time to rebrand.

  1. Logo or name seems too generic: you might have given someone your business card and they mentioned aloud “Oh, my seamstress has the same needle and thread on her card.” That other business owner probably used the stock art you found under the same category.
  1. Your business has outgrown its name: due to success you now have reached a different demographic of people or you are providing more than just your original product. Consider Jo-Ann Fabrics. Revamping its name by dropping the word “Fabrics” in 2018 when the company rejuvenated the way customers bought products and offered much more than just fabric.  Miller quoted to Adweek, 

“We’re a place for anything you make with your hands. We want people to know that if you want to paint, or make cookies, or knit, Joann is the place for you.” 

By dropping “Fabric,” JoAnn kept their trusted consumers yet attracted a new group of customers to the store. 

  1. Just a Refresh or Tidy Up: so you went with the magenta pink, yellow, orange 70’s style color palette on your logo in the beginning…that’s great! When you look at your business card and logo today, is it “on-brand” with your current market? Think of it this way. Are you still in the same outfit style you wore three or five years ago (maybe don’t answer that). Whatever year you started your business, people’s tastes in style will always change. Even if they still want the same Adidas or New Balance shoe, they just want it a different way.

Do you own a Cricut Machines? Originally it was designed for card making and scrapbooking with its cute little(large square) bug face logo that everyone knew. Today the Cricut expanded to a new level of cutting that met a market for all artist styles and needs. The look of the little cute bug face went to just the antennas off the ‘C’ not to mention the sleeker look and modern colors. The machine can fit any home workshop style.

  1. Values your business hold: you work your business with all your heart. You have beliefs that penetrate every important decision you make for your business. Brand value is the promise that you will conduct business genuinely, positively and with relevance which in turn brings like minded customers that you can develop a meaningful relationship with. Does your brand stand out in your niche? In the past were there any negative aspects that you overcame with your brand? This one might take you some time to think about, write them down, even ask someone what they see in your company. 

If I asked you to quickly give me a brand of scissors or shears that gave you precision in cutting, who would come to mind?… Maybe Gingher, Kai, or Fiskars came as “NO brainer” picks you said to yourself or… spoke out at the computer screen. (no judging!) 

Why these?…because you know the performance of those scissors are not going to let you down each time you slice through your projects. The first thing brought to attention on

Fiskars’ website is their value statement: Fiskars Group’s purpose is to make the everyday extraordinary.” “We believe that the small things we do each day have a big impact  on us and our future.” Keeping this at the forefront ensures they will try to stay dedicated to the quality and craftsmanship standards the textile industries, and crafters alike have known for years. 

Bonus Tip:

On-brand is being consistent in all areas you use to promote your business, such as Instagram, Facebook, Etsy, Pinterest, or YouTube it all should incorporate something of your style, color scheme, logo, or your mission statement when it is shared to the public. The more you stay visually consistent, the more your brand builds in the minds of your targeted market.

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