1st Week of Hand Lettering

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What I Learned in Week One

Image of copying fancy letters. Week of Hand Lettering
Learning the alphabet and strokes.

For almost two years now, I have scrolled through Pinterest boards filled with excellent hand lettering artwork. I have grown a desire to learn how to master this skill, and I can no longer resist diving in.

This past week I finally ordered my first set of Tombow Brush Pens from Amazon and printed out worksheets from the all too famous, bydawnnicle.com website.

Learning how to create wingdings. Week of Hand LetteringLearning how to create wingdings.

I was shocked more than I predicted because my skills were less than I had hoped for. I have been doing “cheater caligraphy” for so long that I assumed that I’d understand how to apply the correct amount of pressure for each letter, but “faking it ya’ make it” didn’t really work it in this situation.

Really bad example of my hand lettering skills. Week of Hand LetteringPutting the letters to together, freestyle.

You can see how my lines are unstable. Learning that a single pen can have several different weights is a trick I have yet to master. Keeping a steady hand is also crucial to this artform, and I wonder if I will ever have nice smooth lines.

Discovering that I have to improve a great deal before I could start selling prints is a bit frustrating, but it also makes me incredibly determined. I just want to master this and already have an amazing Instagram account like Mary Kate Devitt.

Practicing a script font, with a note for my husband saying, "Darling, I will always love you." Week of Hand LetteringPracticing a script font, with a note for my husband.

While studying the stroke of a pen, I learn that life is more about slowing down. Isn’t that why yoga and meditation are so popular right now? Why do people grow up so fast, just to realized that the key is to slow down?

Focusing on a's and b's and putting them into words. Week of Hand Lettering Focusing on a’s and b’s and putting them into words.

Yes, I want to imminently be a superstar in everything that I do, but imminently never actually happens. Life is teaching me some valuable lessons as I learn to hand letter. I guess the best part is that it’s only week one.

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