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Hello, I’m Crystal.

An American surface pattern designer, cat mom, and plant lady.

I dove into surface pattern design because it blends my passion for illustration and connection. I love seeing my designs come to life on products made by hand or manufactured.

When I’m not designing patterns, I enjoy sharing my knowledge about branding and marketing so that artisans can grow their business, and in return buy more of my patterns. I believe when we work together we grow together.

My Process

Nowadays, all my designs are digital. I start my projects on my iPad in the app, Procreate. Then I transfer my designs to Photoshop to make a half drop seamless repeat.

Otherwise, I will create my sketches and vectorize them in Adobe Illustrator. The process I use depends on the look I want to achieve and what the client would like.

Rain boots designed for PreHype

Available for New Projects

Let’s make something adorable!

Contact me to start creating a custom pattern design for your next product.

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