Top 10 Hashtags to Grow your Instagram Hand Lettering Account

Top 10 Hashtags to Grow your Instagram Hand Lettering Account

There are three simple phases that you can take to grow your Instagram account. These three steps can work for any topic, but I will use the example of hand lettering and design since that is what I do. Allow me to explain the top 10 hashtags to grow your Instagram hand lettering account.

Step one: Understand what your audience wants to see.

First, you need to pick a topic that you will present. Viewers will follow you if they know that they can rely on your account for a particular subject. I suggest making two accounts if you can’t resist the urge to share something personal that doesn’t relate to your lettering account.

Step two: Consistency

You need to show up daily. This can be difficult to present work every day, but hopefully, you can find it motivating and not overwhelming. If you don’t make post offend, users will forget you or unfollow an inactive account.

Step three: Hashtags

Learning how to use hashtags will be the only way you will be able to pick up new followers. Instagram has a limit of 30 hashtags that you can post at one time. (Any more than 30 looks spammy anyway.)

There are two ways you can add hashtags. You can add them in the text field with your photo you upload, or you can upload the photo first, then paste in the hashtags within the comments.

Posting the hashtags in the comments will make your post look cleaner as it doesn’t show up at the bottom of your image. The choice is your’s

Top 10 Hashtags to Grow your Instagram Hand Lettering Account

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