Identity Package

This package is perfect for people who are developing their brand or rebranding. It includes a logo, stationary, business cards and two other promotional items of your choice.

Custom Logo Design

Then allow me to create with you an innovated logo that will fit your personality and your market.

Advertisements | Brochures | Fliers

Clean, modern ads for a magazine or a local newspaper to help reach your audience. Brochures to better display your skills and services and fliers to get your name into the community.

Editorial | Magazine | Booklet

Building a magazine or ebook can grab your audience’s attention. Together we can design a tool to help reach your target market.

Illustrations | Watercolor

Images that range from children stories to cookbooks. Primarily watercolor designs, but I can also work with a variety of media.

Custom Cards

Wedding invitations, baby announcements or personalized greeting cards made respectively for you.

Motion Graphics

Simple motion 2D graphics can be a great way to capture your audience’s attention. I can design introductions for your videos series effort to create consistency in your brand.

Resume | Leave Behinds

When applying for a job, it’s important to stand out. I can transform your resume to attract attention for the interview. Ending an interview with a “leave behind” can top it too. Brainstorm with me to learn how to put the icing on the cake for your interview.

Front End Development Web Design

Understanding out to navigate around your website can be frustrating and confusing. I have experience working with WordPress and Squarespace to help you get you started with your site or make adjustments.

Why Choose Me?


When you work with me, you get more than a graphic designer. You will receive genuine support for your business, like a personal cheerleader. I want to see your passion grow into a success, that will benefit those in the community.

When you use your skills and intelligence to help others, you contribute to making the world a better place. Team up with me to lay the foundations of your business in the effort to make life changing opportunities for your clients. Together we will make something beautiful.

My Mission

American is not going to get skinny overnight. I want to team up with inspiring, influential athletes and health professionals to encourage others to live a happy, healthy lifestyle.

  1. Help those who are passionate about helping others
  2. Grow creatively, physically and spiritually
  3. Lead by example

I want to use my skills where they can best be used. I love graphic design, and I am passionate about health. I know that I have this enthusiasm to serve others by nourishing healthy lifestyles in local and far-off communities.

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