How to Organize Your Font Library

How to Organize Your Font Library
Are you struggling to find the font you want, when you want it? As a graphic designer, I completely understand. Quick visible access to your options is essential for staying organized and working efficiently. Allow me to give you the scoop on how to organize your font library.
Finding the right font for your project is like trying to find a needle in a haystack! With several options, taking the time to click through each one is time-consuming. To better find a font you’re looking for create a Font Library.

How to Organize Your Font Library

To organize your fonts, start by creating a new Adobe Illustrator file. If you don’t have Adobe Illustrator use whatever software you prefer, for this explanation, I’ll stick with Illustrator. When I reference “art boards” you may have to make adjustments, like using a new page, instead.
First, make at least 6 art boards. I made mine 5.5 x 8.5 in. This way it was like a half a sheet of paper.
How to Organize Your Font Library
Next, categorize each artboard with a proper title.
Classics, Serif, San Serif, Slab Serif, Scripts, Stencils and Brushes
How to Organize Your Font Library
You may want to create more depending one how accurate you want to be, but try not to be too detailed.
Now, in each artboard, type out the name of the font that belongs in that category. Next, copy the name and paste it into the font toggle bar at the top of the menu. Select the matching font, and continue doing this for all your fonts on your boards.
How to Organize Your Font Library
This may seem time-consuming, but compared to all the time it takes to individually scroll through each font for every project you work on…trust me. It’s a time saver.
 How to Organize Your Font Library
When you download a new font, be sure to add it to your visible font library. Doing one at a time is much easier than trying to add 10-15 in one sitting.

*Bonus Tip* 

Once you have your art boards finished, it would be beneficial to create sub art boards (smaller boards) to build beautiful font combinations! This can also save you time when starting a new project too. Whoop whoop!
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How to Organize Your Font Library

How to Organize Your Font Library

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How to Organize Your Font Library
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How to Organize Your Font Library
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    1. Wow! I never though that writers and teacher would need to know fonts too, but you’re so totally right! Knowing about fonts isn’t just for graphic designers. Thanks!

    1. So do it! I got annoyed of always hunting for a font, and could recall what a font looked like but not what it was called.

  1. It’s an absurd workload!
    Why not to use a font manager? There are free and basic apps, like FontBase or premium software rich in features like Suitcase for example, and a whole world in between!

    1. Hey, Karol! Thank you so much for commenting. I have actually never heard of FontBase before. Thank you for bringing it to my attention! I’m checking it out now, and this does look like a very convenient app! I tried to find font organizers in the past, and somehow I have never found this.

      So, thank you very much. I’m going to download it now, and then I’ll create a new blog post. Have a lovely day!

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