About Me

Passionate & Motivated

“My design tells your business’s story in just the way your market needs to see it. That is how I have been able to help my clients attract more customers – while creating a beautiful image you will genuinely love.”

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Crystal Whitlow CW Design Graphic Design and Hand Lettering
Corporate Identity
Motion Graphics

My Mission

My goal as a designer is to help you help others.  We all have our own spheres of influence to improve the lives of those around us. By partnering with health professions, together, we can help end this obesity epidemic in America by using good design with the knowledge of health and wellness.

My Promise

I understand that building a brand is difficult so don’t make it harder by doing it alone. When you work with me, I will support your goals and give you the best innovated designs I have to offer to help reach your audience.

Help You, Help Others

When you work with me, you get more than a graphic designer. You will receive genuine support for your business, like a personal cheerleader. I want to see your passion grow into a success, that will benefit those in the community.

When you use your skills and intelligence to help others, you contribute to making the world a better place. Team up with me to lay the foundations of your business in the effort to make life changing opportunities for your clients. Together we will make something beautiful.

One Step at a Time

American is not going to get skinny overnight. I want to team up with inspiring, influential athletes and health professionals to encourage others to live a happy, healthy lifestyle.

  1.  Help those who are passionate about helping others
  2. Grow creatively, physically and spiritually
  3. Lead by example